Founded on January 31, 1954, FIMAA - Italian Federation of Business Agents Mediators - is the largest association in the brokerage sector in Italy, with over 12 thousand member companies for a total of over 45 million employees.

Member of the Confcommercio-Imprese for Italy system, the federation represents the entire Mediation sector: Real Estate Agents, Merchandise Brokers, Credit Brokers, Financial Agents, Service Agents various and works in Italy and in Europe for their trade union protection and professional growth.

FIMAA, through dialogue with the institutions, is the protagonist of all the main regulations governing the brokerage sector and actions to bring clarity in the interpretation of the regulations relating to the sector.

The federation is one of the founders of the National Inter-associational Intermediation Council, a liaison body for inter-union relations between FIMMA, FIAIP and ANAMA.

For 70 years Confesercenti Siena has been synonymous with attention to those who do business in the Sienese territory. Creation, growth, defense and support on problems and opportunities are the methods of action that distinguish the relationship between the trade association and the subjects it addresses.

Confesercenti Siena offers professional solutions to its associates to meet obligations and seize opportunities for development. To do this, it uses technologies and specialists active every day in the territorial offices present throughout the provincial territory, in addition to the specific structures in operation in the Siena headquarters.

The Arezzo-Siena Chamber of Commerce performs functions of general interest, support and promotion for the business system, taking care of its development in the context of local economies. It also exercises functions in the subjects administrative and economic related to the business system. Among the various tasks it performs functions related to promotion of the territory and local economies in order to increase their competitiveness and support internationalization for the promotion of the Italian business system abroad.